COME ONE COME ALL on this wonderfully magical odyssey into the DEPTHS of our FUR!


Yes, you heard right... 


An odyssey into the world of our hair awaits you. Have you ever wondered about those little string-like proteins that emerge from our skin and coat our bodies? Have you ever wished to remove them? To keep them? What exactly is it about our fur that holds so much of our identities, our histories, memories, insecurities, desires and dreams? Maybe you've never questioned it before...


In this show you will experience the circus that is our current world through the eyes of the Tamer-Magician and the Beast. We've all played one or both roles at some point in our lives. Through fairy-tale like imagery, fantastical movement and spoken word interwoven with real-life interviews, the Tamer and the Beast will tell the story of our fur. 


The journey awaits you... don't be shy... 

Your insecurities are safe with us.

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